Class Agendas

Class Agenda #34

Group Juggle

Weekly Trend Report- Focus your report on something that IS RELATED to your product. We will share out after 25 minutes.

Individual Programming Assignments are due Next Monday, May 20.

There are 3 kinds of programming assignments: HTML, CSS, and Database Programming.  Look for your name in the list to see which one you’re doing:



Database Programmers

  • Who: Christian, Musa, Rai, Wesley, Sean, Jose, Lisbeth
  • What to do: Click here to read today’s assignment.
  • The goal is to be ready to learn about interacting with your database during tomorrow’s class.
  • If you finish: play with your PHP workbench, and try to get a few different kinds of loops working.  Send me an email about what you worked on and what questions you have.

If your name is not on one of these lists, go to Class Agenda #32 and read how to write the “My Programming Assignment” email.  All students should send this email before the end of class today.

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