6 thoughts on “Class Agenda #44 – Some interesting links

  1. The fact that celebs hide their natural flaws to create what we call now “beauty” really surprises me. That only creates a fake image on what the human beauty is, making all of us desire something that is kinda imposible to achieve. So with all of this being said, what is beauty to all of us?

  2. Celebrates often show off their money; but behind all this before they even had enough money what kind of things where they doing to get money in their pocket. Money come and go but celebs spend a lot of money on one piece clothing or item, just to use it for one day.

  3. Photoshop is something may be good for some people because they may not feel so great about how they look, they may feel incecure about themselves so they photoshop their pictures.

  4. The fact that people are altering photos to their liking is kind of scary. This is very dangerous for this to be in the hands of the public. This could create predators that prey on the people that don’t speak for themselves and could create bullying tactics that spread throughout many places. On the other hand it could be an interesting use for making funny pictures and create comedy like “memes”.

  5. Its kinda sad that editors have to change a picture to make it look good for fans of magazines. But if I was a celebrity I would want to look good in front of a magazine cover also.

  6. The photoshop thing just caught me off guard. I know celebrities do many things to make themselves look good but to actually see it up close and see the work that’s done with photoshop is surprising, Crazy how they really want to look good. The good thing about it is that it’s being done by photoshop and not bu surgeons or anything.

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